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Dear visitors,
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Flying high IV – Exhibition of Pictures from travels

Dear visitors
“By means of this exhibition we would like to give a small present to all travellers, to show them at least a few interesting places from the worlds nearby and faraway.

We would also like to welcome visitors to our beautiful city of Brno and South Moravia. We want to show them that there is a glorious history around here as well as the prospective present.

We display it right here, at the place which is the entrance gate to the world and also to our country. At the place where we bid farewell or welcome our nearest and dearest. At the place we care about and love.”

Dušan Procházka and the Club of Amateur Photographers

Private area
Vladan Bureš – Venetian variations
Aleš Krejčí – Mysterious nooks of Europe
Dušan Procházka – The Canaries quartet / Forgotten ports
Zdeněk Hašek – Smiles from the continents
Jiří Vaníček – The Middle East
Hana Kmoníčková – The world of wonders
Vladimír Opluštil – Magic moments
Petr Novák – Small fragments from journeys
Walter Pavliš – Chance encounters

Dušan Procházka – Forgotten ports

Travel agencies
Dušan Procházka – Venezia Collection

Arrival hall
Hana Kmoníčková – Welcome to Brno, welcome to Moravia
Vladimír Opluštil
Walter Pavliš

The exhibition “Where you can soar 4” is freely connected to the previous years 2008-2010. It contains almost 90 photo-images by 10 amateur photographers associated in the internet portal www.obrazyzcest.cz / www.picturesfromtravels.com. It is dedicated to the Brno airport and its visitors.